Croatian customs for weddings

A croatian marriage involves a number of distinctive traditions. It is customary for guests to gather at the couple’s home for meals and drinks before the meeting starts. Then they proceed to the church under the direction of a» Barjaktar,» or flag carrier, who is waving the Croatian flag with great fervor ( much like the hype man ). It is also customary to welcome all guests to the wedding by pinning them with thyme sprigs and a red, white, and blue ribbon that represents the Croatian symbol during the parade to chapel. After receiving their thyme, guests place funds in a basket, which is used as payment to set the newlyweds on their matrimony journey.

Before the wedding enters the religion, it’s common to observe a bull party or other related event socializing with attendees. When the wedding finally arrives, the man will be mesmerized by her stunning gown as she strolls down the aisle while tamburasi play and rakija glasses clink.

The kume and barjaktar are usually the ones to give toasts and speeches during the ceremony. However, it is traditional for all guests to join in with their own toasts as well. Following the ceremony, guests will enjoy a lavish buffet-style croatian brides dinner and more dancing to tamburasi’s beats. After the meal, it is customary for guests to offer gifts to the newlyweds. Gifts can include anything from money to a carved wooden cross, known as a vor.

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